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For the love of collecting

Enter a world of luxurious indulgence, from Aston Martin to Bugatti, Jaguars and Ferraris, to a rare Rolls-Royce and Vector, these supercars not only inspire the imagination but fuel the heart. This collection was formed from a love of collecting and is fused with an equally strong love for fashion and couture design. This rare book not only defines the fast and classic cars, but a passion for collecting the finer things in all of us.



Meet Setorii Pond

As a Los Angeles based car aficionado and stick shift master in training of classic to exotic cars, Setorii Pond had a passion for the automotive industry since she was a young girl as she traveled the world with her grandfather, Robert Pond (Known to his close friends as Bob Pond). Their collecting adventures went from Italy to Pebble Beach, to New York and California and many other venues around the nation as they searched for the perfect cars to collect. The Pond Collection amassed over 110 cars that range from an exclusive heritage of collectibles to high-performance racers.

Setorii Pond

Setorii Pond

Creative Director / Collector / Designer



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The Art Of Setorii: Featuring The Pond Collection

The Art of Setorii is an exciting new book series that will feature collections from all over the world. We are pleased to announce the official pre-order for our new hardcover photo book. After a successful sneak preview, the book is now available for pre online ordering, and features over 80+ cars and will be part of the limited signature series for those who order now.

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